Yuhan Zhou


  • Home country
    • China
  • Current residence
    • Netherlands (Groningen)
  • Education:
    • Bachelor:  Information engineering at Nanjing University of Information science and Technology (Nanjing, China)
    • 1st Master: Cognitive science at University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK)
    • 2nd Master: Bioinformatics at University of Manchester (Manchester, UK)
  • Interests and hobbies
    • Reading
    • Traveling
    • Writing lyrics
    • Astronomy
  • Motivation
    • I joined the keep control project because I am so interested in the clinical part of my project, the knowledge of movement science and gait and balance. Besides, my previous experience of data analysis will make a great contribution to my project. Making a connection of clinical science and data science is promising.
  • Project details
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