Innovation Fair

Innovation Fair 2020 of the “Industrial Academic Initial Training Network towards specific diagnosis and treatment of age-related gait and balance deficits” (An online virtual event)

Event Date: September 24, 2020 (Day: Thursday)

Event Timings: 14:00 – 18:00


Keep Control is an EU-funded industrial-academic initial training network towards specific diagnosis and treatment of age-related gait and balance deficits. It covers the entire range of expertise necessary and utilizes cutting edge technology to educate 12 PhD students in the area of gait and balance deficits in older adults. More information on the network can be found on the official website.

Event setting

During this online event, 12 early-stage researchers will present their achievements, and discuss implications for future work. The focus will be on possible applications of results and inventions, and we aim to reach not only the research community but all those interested in health, gait, and balance.

————————–Event Agenda—————————

14:00 – General introduction and presentation of the Keep Control consortium


Session 1: “The underlying mechanisms of age-related gait and balance impairments”

  • 14:15 – General introduction
  • 14:20 – Illustration of projects (5-min presentations):

Veerle de Rond (KU Leuven, Belgium): “The underlying mechanisms of weight-shifting and dual-tasking in ageing”

Fabiana Tanganelli (LMU Munchen, Germany): “Frail older patients: How do sarcopenia, balance and gait, and falls interact?”

Marta Francisca Corrà (University of Porto, Portugal): “How does peripheral neuropathy affect gait and balance in Parkinson’s disease?”

Madli Bayot (University of Lille, France): “Interaction between attention and gait initiation in healthy subjects and people with Parkinson’s disease: mechanisms and modulation”

  • 14:40 – General conclusion
  • 14:45 –  15 min discussion
  • 15:00 –  15 min break


Session 2: “Diagnosis tools”

  • 15:15 – General introduction
  • 15:20 – Illustration of projects (5 min presentations):

Arash Atrsaei (Gait Up Geneva, Switzerland): “Sensor-based analysis of daily-life movements: home vs lab”

Robbin Romijnders (CAU Kiel, Germany): “Towards qualitative gait parameters in daily life”

Elke Warmerdam (CAU Kiel, Germany): “Arm swing during walking as marker of neurodegeneration”

Yuhan Zhou (University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands): “Harmonisation of Keep Control assessment protocols, inclusion of the ICF model as a framework, and meta-analysis”

Rana Zia Ur Rehman (Newcastle University, UK): “Developing novel tools from wearable inertial sensors data for neurodegenerative diseases management using machine/deep learning techniques”

  • 15:45 – General conclusion
  • 15:50 –  15 min discussion
  • 16:05 – 15 min break


Session 3: “Rehabilitation and training”

  • 16:20 – General introduction
  • 16:25 – Illustration of projects (5 min presentations):

Markus Rieger (Motekforce Link Amsterdam, the Netherlands): “Training of reactive balance control through the experience of near falls”

Leila Alizadehsaravi (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands): “The mystery of balance control in older adults”

Andreas Schicketmüller (Hasomed Magdeburg, Germany): “Robots that stimulate your muscles”

  • 16:45 – General conclusion
  • 16:50 –  15 min discussion
  • 17:05 –  15 min break


17:20 – 18:00 – Concluding remarks and Q&A on each session


————————–Event Registration—————————

Link for registration: please click on me

Registration is free!

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