Fabiana Tanganelli


  • Home country
    • Italy
  • Current residence
    • Germany (Munich)
  • Education:
    • Bachelor: Biological Sciences and Technologies, UNIMOL (Campobasso, Italy)
    • Master: Molecular and Cellular Biology, UNIMOL (Campobasso, Italy)
  • Interests and hobbies
    • Imaging Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Art (museums, concerts, theater)
    • Reading (contemporary writers)
    • I love travelling to know new cultures and new place
    • Cooking
  • Motivation
    • I studied Sarcopenia during and after my master degree and now I am very excited to study it from a neurogenic point of view and to analyze its pathophysiology with the application of new techniques during my Ph.D, in Keep Control Project.
  • Project details
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