A coin to travel Europe

It was September when we all met in Saarbrücken for another training week at the htw saar.

Veerle and Markus, two of the Keep Control fellows, had a special mission for this week. They wanted to do another geocaching adventure, as introduced by Markus and Arash at the summer school social activity in Athens. Geocaching is a treasure hunt, played by millions of people all over the worldIt is based on the location of small boxes, so-called geocaches, which can be found in various ways. The basic way is to travel to specific locations all around the world and log the position. Sometimes you will also have to solve difficult riddles to get multiple coordinates that eventually lead to the treasure or even follow trails that are only visible at night. Many other ways exist, as people are quite creative in setting up geocaches and develop ways to find them.

Only hunting geocaches was not the goal of their visit to Saarbrücken, and they wanted to create a special Keep Control treasure. In the end, they decided to design a trackable in the form of a GEOcoin. Trackables can be placed in geocaches all over the world, can be found by other players, who then hide it again in another cache. The path traveled can be followed through an unique identification number and can be assigned to an individual goal.

The goal of our fellows was to spread the word about Keep Control and their specific research projects all over Europe. Therefore, they asked all finders of the GEOcoin to take it to another place within Europe, hide it again there, and follow our fellows to stay up to date about Keep Control. The Keep Control logo and the logos of each site are displayed on the GEOcoin, and is linked to the Keep Control homepage, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


For the GEOcoin to start its travels around Europe, our fellows dropped it in a cache in Saarbrücken. As Elke got interested in geocaching during our summer school in Athens, she joined when dropping of the GEOcoin.

Up to this day, the GEOcoin already traveled 2040.7 miles in about a month and was tracked in Germany and Italy. You can follow its path here.

Start geocaching, be part of world’s largest treasure hunt and find our GEOcoin!



Written by: Markus Rieger

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