An italian woman in Amsterdam: MOTEK and VU welcome Fabiana

One of the goals of Keep Control is that young scientists explore research in other contexts, for example, a new team or to combine academic and the company life.

Fabiana had this opportunity during her two-week secondment in Motek, Amsterdam, from 10th to 21st of December.

Fabiana, an Italian biologist, always worked in the academic world: first at UNICATT (Rome, IT) and now at LMU (Munich, GER). In her PhD project, she is working on Sarcopenia, a disease characterized by loss of muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle quality. Her goal is to study the neurogenic aspect of this multifactorial disease

Motek is her first experience in working at a company. She was welcomed by Markus, a PhD candidate at Vrije University Amsterdam is working at Motek for his project on developing a fall prevention program using Motek technology.

During this secondment she learned about how to manage a research project in a company in collaboration with the University and the research site (physiotherapy practice), she also followed Markus giving training to therapists working with the research device for his study. Experiencing different workplace provide her a great opportunity to find her best interests for her future career.

1Markus during the training with physiotherapists

There were opportunities to present her work in two different working groups at the UV University in Amsterdam. One group was from Leila focusing on Neuromechanics and one from Markus focusing on Mobility and Ageing. The purpose of scientific research is to question oneself, share your knowledge with others and have their feedbacks to improve your work. Fabiana experienced a very interactive presentation as researchers and attendees showed a great interest in neurogenic sarcopenia and gave constructive feedback to her research project.

2Fabaina presenting her research

But there were also moments of leisure and sharing. The nice thing about the secondment is to be able to see new work contexts but also cultural, to understand that we can come from geographically distant countries but share the same seriousness for work, the same interests and values.

3Fabiana, Leila and Markus


Written by: Fabiana Tanganelli, Markus Rieger and Leila Alizadehsaravi

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