Secondment stay on the banks of the Elbe

In October 2018, Madli was hosted for 2 weeks at HASOMED GmbH, a company in Magdeburg (Germany). Indeed, in the context of secondment stays required by the Innovative Training Network (ITN) “KEEP CONTROL”, the fellow who is working in the academic field in Lille had the opportunity to be immersed in an industrial environment.

The main outcome of this secondment stay for the PhD student was a first approach to the industrial world. Andreas, the Keep Control fellow working at HASOMED, was very kind to introduce Madli to all his colleagues while explaining the whole hierarchical and organizational structure of the company. Madli met people from the research and development teams, but also from the communication and marketing units. More particularly, she was lucky to work in the same office than employees of the research and development team dedicated to the product category RehaMove, products using functional electrical stimulation (FES) for motion training. Furthermore, Marc Hofmann, developer RehaCom PSY, project leader RehaGait and Andreas’ supervisor, took time to present the history of HASOMED and each of its medical products currently developed: a portable system for reliable swallowing detection (RehaIngest), devices for rehabilitation therapy of the upper extremity (ArmLaboratory), a system of softwares for cognitive therapy (RehaCom), devices for motion training based on FES (RehaMove), and finally a portable system using inertial measurement units (IMUs’) for gait analysis an therapy (RehaGait). Next to that, Madli and Marc Hofmann also briefly addressed Elefant, the electronic medical record implemented by HASOMED, which is exclusively distributed in Germany.

Besides, through interesting discussions, Madli gained more knowledge concerning Andreas’ PhD project which mainly aims to develop an algorithm for gait event detection based on IMUs’ in order to trigger FES during Robot Assisted Gait Training. In this respect, Madli had the occasion to test the FES system RehaMove on herself. Moreover, she helped Andreas to progress into his project by performing some gait measurements on a treadmill with IMUs’ positioned at varying locations and with different orientations on the feet. Thanks to these data, Andreas was able to test his code and to fix some issues.

3Treadmill walking (raw data measurement )

1.png Different sensor locations for algorithm testing

Finally, Madli took advantage of being in Magdeburg to present her PhD projects and related progress to Andreas and Marc Hofmann, her second Keep Control mentor. She received an interesting feedback from a technical and organizational point of view. This feedback will help her pursuing her scientific research. Madli will definitely miss beautiful Magdeburg in the Indian summer and especially the fantastic HASOMED team, which allowed to work in an adequate environment.

2.jpgView of the Magdeburg Cathedral


Written by: Madli Bayot and Andreas Schicketmüller

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