A Dutch girl abroad in her home country: Motek welcomes Veerle

One of the objectives within Keep Control is to expose young researchers to the industry. In the first two weeks of March, Veerle from the KU Leuven visited Motek Medical BV in Amsterdam and Markus, one of the other PhD Fellows. The main goal of this secondment was to learn more about the D-Flow software and Lua scripting. Veerle is going to use these programming languages to adapt an existing virtual reality application for her research on balance and weight shifting.

Before the start of the secondment, Veerle worked through a few tutorials to gain some basic knowledge about D-Flow and Lua scripting. With the help of the tutors at Motek, she understood how the virtual reality game was programmed and was also able to adapt the game to the requirements of her research protocol. There is still some work to do, but there has certainly been a lot of progress. Veerle will probably go back to Motek later this year to finish the application.

For Veerle, a two-week visit to her home country did also mean visiting a lot of friends and family after working hours. In addition, the world championship of all-round speed skating was organized in the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam during her secondment period. As a true Dutch girl, Veerle had to take her research fellows Markus (Motek Medical BV) and Leila (VU University) to this event, to show them why speed skating is so popular in The Netherlands. To make it even more Dutch, it rained the whole evening.

1© Markus Rieger
Veerle testing her application
(previously developed by De Vries A. & Verschueren S.)

2© Leila Alizadehsaravi
Leila, Veerle and Markus at the world championships of allround speed skating

Many thanks to Motek Medical BV, Markus, and Leila for the good time in Amsterdam!

Source of picture: Private

Written by: Markus Rieger, Leila Alizadehsaravi and Veerle de Rond

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