PKB in Amsterdam

From February 9-14 Hassan, our fellow from Patients Know Best (UK), visited Markus (Motek Medical BV) and Leila (VU) in Amsterdam to teach us in using the PKB software and to learn about our projects.

The first two days he visited Motek to learn about gait training with perturbations in a virtual environment. Markus let him experience a training on two devices (C-Mill, GRAIL) which he is using for his research with healthy older adults

picture1© Markus Rieger

Hassan: I think adding virtual reality and perturbations to a gait training is beneficial and the systems developed by Motek are excellent. Many thanks Markus for all the useful information and this fantastic experience

In the evening we enjoyed ourselves at a storytelling event in a local venue with tasty soup and drinks. This was a good start into the weekend with some sightseeing, concert and dinner.

© Markus Rieger

After the weekend he joined Leila at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). He had a meeting with Leila and Sjoerd, cosupervisor of Leila reviewing the PKB portal and learning about Leila’s project and the measurement devices in her Lab. Hassan experienced perturbation on the balance platform with one leg stance assessing his balance performance. He might be a potent participant for us in the following decades, Leila says,

picture 4© Markus Rieger

Hassan: They do great stuff at the VU. I hope I can KEEP CONTROL in the following decades. Many thanks Leila for all the useful information and this fantastic experience”.

We, Leila and Markus, want to thank Hassan to give us more insight into PKB and how we can use the software for our research projects. We wish him safe travels and a lot of fun during his visit to the other research sites.

Source of picture: Private

Written by: Markus Rieger, Leila Alizadehsaravi and Alhassan Hassan


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