Since the objective of the Keep Control project is to connect Universities together and share knowledge, the first visit of one of the fellows happened in the last two weeks. Marta from Porto visited Elke and the research team in Kiel. Marta came to Kiel to learn about the measurements with wearable sensors in order to have the same assessment protocol as in Kiel and be able to share the data among different research groups.

Actually, the hardest thing for Marta was the weather: today the temperature was -10° and she almost froze on the way to the clinic. She also had some trouble to stay in shape, because she wasn´t used to the German food portions.

On the other hand, she learnt a lot during these few weeks and she got in touch with different research areas, which is always the main purpose of these visits.

Here some pictures of these two beautiful ladies working with the measurements: Marta was trying to learn how to perform the assessment, and Elke was trying to be a patient, but with bad results 🙂

1© Elke Warmerdam

Getting to know the research team after work:

2© Elke Warmerdam

Great time and great work here in Kiel,
Elke and Marta.

Source of picture: Private

Written by: Elke Warmerdam and Marta Francisca Corrà

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