First Training Week and Kick-off Meeting

Written by: Schicketmüller Andreas / Published by: Schicketmüller Andreas

Location: Kiel, Germany

Date 17.11 – 23.11.2017



Harbour in Kiel © Schicketmüller Andreas


Media Training

This workshop showed us how to engage with the media and the public in written form, focusing on short-form writing for summaries and social media.

Anna and Oliver from grasshopper films who are experts in communication, filming and media training presented the most important aspects of using social media as a scientist, photography and short-form writing.


Scientific training workshop

Ethics for researchers, hands-on statistics and the medical background for Parkinson’s disease and frail in elderly people where the topics in this training.

Medical and technical experts of the UKSH Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein provided us with information in various fields including, motion analysis, deep brain stimulation and medication of Parkinson’s disease


Kick-off Meeting

The whole Team  of the Keep Control project participated in this meeting.

All projects were presented and discussed, a lot of valuable information was shared within the team and the first travels within the companies/universities of the fellows were planned.



All in all this first Training Week and the Kick-off Meeting was an great success, the whole team and especially we as the fellows are looking forward to engage our research topics.

We are ready to Keep Control!


Source of Pictures: Private

Written by: Schicketmüller Andreas


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